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        Sea Monster Attack off Newfoundland!

        Imagine this: you’re hard at work, doing what you do everyday, when all of a sudden fact and fiction collide and you find yourself fact-to-face with a mythological beast.  That’s exactly what happened to the fisherman aboard the schooner Augusta off Newfoundland on August 11, 1888 when a sea monster attacked.   As was typical, two fisherman boarded their dory and set out from the Augusta to set their trawls.  Suddenly, their tiny boat was surrounded.  The animal surfaced in so many places at first the men thought they were being surrounded by a school of squid hounds 1 . Then they caught sight the creature's head and realized that what was surrounding them was a single, gigantic animal. One of the men threw a bait tub at it.  The beast was undeterred, it mere sniffed the tub and raised its neck until its head was towering 4-5 meters above the water.   They described the head as square-shaped, about 4m wide and resembling a sculpin .  After getting a good look at the dory, the cre

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        I don't need last names to know who Toni-Marie and Eddie are, and I can find my way from Happy Adventure to Misery Point in the fog. My morning comes a half hour earlier and any day without ‘RDF’ is good. I’ve seen a mummer, tasted toutons and know that bakeapples don't grow on trees because I’m a product of this place.
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